Since pretending to step back from running Bridgewater Associates and entering the life coach/guru/manifesto hawker period of his life, Ray Dalio has taken his Principled message almost everywhere: Silicon Valley and Stanford, Steph Curry’s porch and places outside of Northern California, notably China, Twitter and TED, LinkedIn and Reddit, the best-seller list and conferences run by the fake news operations that publish best-seller lists, podcasts and other people’s books, industry conferences and CNBC like, every other day (including, unfortunately, some facetime with Joe Kernen), even MarketWatch. But on Sunday, Dalio brought the Good Word to the most important medium of the early 1980s, the LinkedIn of television news programs, "60 Minutes" (whose parent company, incidentally or otherwise, publishes Principles). And while he didn’t say anything we haven’t already heard or read in any of the above, he did give us a peek inside the hyena preserve of Westport, kinda freaking correspondent Bill Whitaker out, and Bill Whitaker has seen some shit.

"When you talk to Ray Dalio, there's a bit of Ray Dalio speak," Whitaker said. "He speaks in a way that is unique to him. And he talks about his principles quite a lot…."

Dalio invited 60 Minutes cameras to a morning meeting at Bridgewater to see the practice in action. As an employee speaks, no matter their job level, everyone else in the meeting grades their performance: Am I learning anything from this person? Is their presentation clear and concise? The data is collected in "dots."

"I think you have to have, not a really thick skin, but you can't have a thin skin, I don't think, to go through something like that," Whitaker said….

"A lot of people just can't take that," Whitaker said. "It is hard to take…."

"You've got to get used to that strangeness first," Whitaker said.

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