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Donald Trump Is Not A HODLer, Does Not Want A Lambo, Has A Tremendous Amount Of FUD

He probably -- if he's honest -- has the most FUD that anyone has ever had, and his FUD is the most beautiful.

In what will certainly be the biggest gift that cryptocurrencies have received since algos sucked real volatility out of the markets, Donald Trump has decided that he is an enemy of cryptocurrencies.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.27.47 AM

BRB, going to put Dealbreaker's entire budget into Ethereum.



Gary Cohn Has Finally Learned How To Operate Donald Trump

Goldman's former Papa Bear has tamed POTUS with his famously soothsaying grundle.


Donald Trump Pretty Sure That Janet Yellen Is Not A Person Of Putin-Level Quality

"For shame, Janet Yellen!... Keep doin' what you been doin,' Vlad."


Trump Openly Flirting With His Next Fed Chair

Even Jim Cramer has to be concerned that Jim Cramer is in the president's real thought process here.