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C-SPAN 2...Home Shopping Network...ABC...the list goes on and on. It wasn't long ago when most people had overpriced television packages with hundreds or thousands of channels that they'd never watch. You'd fall asleep just flicking through all the channels to find something to watch.

Then came Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. People started to realize they'd rather pay a few bucks a month for a streaming service than overpay for the privilege of sitting on the phone with Comcast support for hours every few months. Cord-cutting has gained serious steam with more than 10 million subscribers leaving pay TV since 2012.  Many people have simply added streaming services to supplement their traditional TV packages.

These days, everyone is rushing to get into the streaming market. Disney, NBC and Apple have all announced plans to launch streaming services by 2020. Now AT&T is entering the market. Surely there will be more to come.

Meanwhile, Netflix will be losing two of its most popular shows. 'The Office' is going to NBC's service while 'Friends' is going to AT&T's. With the frequency these shows are moving between streaming services, you'll have to keep adding them as they pop up to get all of the content that was once available on only a handful.

While you could subscribe to all these services and still pay less than the average cable TV bill of $107 per month, at this rate, we may go full-circle and end up where we started before the cord-cutting began. With the way old technologies such as vinyl records and cassette players are returning, it wouldn't be surprising if in a few years people realize how practical the old way of watching TV was all along and return to traditional satellite and cable TV.

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