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Our musings on alleged pedophile sex monster and accused financier Jeffrey Epstein go back more than a decade, and they haven't changed much.

But the one thing that we, and really no one, seems to be able to figure out for certain is how or if this guy actually did finance. Considering that the business of moving money requires actual counterparties. We have yet to see one example of a person in the world claiming that they were on the other side of a transaction from Jeffrey Epstein [except Deutsche Bank of course, but it's a given that they would be involved in anything this messy]. And we will count pimping and blackmailing as "Financial transaction" [we call this "Sage Kelly Rules"].

So, let's do it here! We're a well-known receptacle of rumor and innuendo that is morally comfortable believing anonymous sources if they can prove basic legitimacy, so reach out and tell us if you're a person - or know a person - who has done actual business with Jeffrey Epstein. We will tell your story for you.

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Convicted Sex Criminal And Alleged Financier Jeffrey Epstein Is Indisputably Dead

The 66-year-old former Bear Stearns i-banker has reportedly hung himself in his Manhattan jail cell.

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Jeffrey Epstein Drops Sick Burn On Hedge Funders From Beyond The Grave

And he does it via Charlie Gasparino in case any of you were afraid this wasn't sufficiently batshit.

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Judge Decides Jeffrey Epstein Will Have To Find More Billionaire Investors In GenPop

The sex monster and alleged financier poses a "danger to the community" and will not get bail.

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Second Major Sex Crime Charge Against Jeffrey Epstein Jogs Lex Wexner's Memory About Being Embezzled From That One Time

Now that you mention it, that federal sex trafficking charge is reminiscent of Les catching Epstein stealing "vast sums" of money from him back in 2007.

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Epstein’s Former “Best Pal”: Have Pity On Poor Little Jeffrey Epstein

In a bizarre interview, Stuart Pivar claims Epstein “couldn’t help himself,” while insisting that his victims were “complicit” in their own abuse.

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Are You Guys Even Allowed To Read This?

Are we banned at your office? Hello?

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Marissa Mayer Is The Only Person Who Thinks Marissa Mayer Is Staying On At Yahoo

She could stay on post-merger, but the Gods of Logic would weep.