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The self-delusional and emotionally broken subset of humanity that have been diagnosed as "New York Knicks fans" are waking up this morning to their latest spiritual curbstomping.

Going into the summer months of hopeful NBA Draft/Free Agency -- or as Knicks fans have come to call it, "Our Playoffs" -- the Gotham fan base was bracing itself for the deliverance of a #1 draft pick and with it transformational talent Zion Williamson, who the team would surround with premier free agents Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. New York would finally have the Super Team it has long deserved and the sun would shine forever on Penn Plaza!

Welp. Zion Williamson is a New Orleans Pelican and those two all-star free agents are together in Brooklyn [ed note: as it should be, GO NETS!], so once again New York Knicks owner/MSG CEO/amateur musician/walking personality disorder Jim Dolan has managed to destroy the sliver of hope and joy that somehow remains in the hearts of the people who fill his coffers. So let's take a look at MSG stock and see if anyone noticed:

Can you see where people started trading The Knicks?

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 11.32.51 AM

MSG is more than just a terrible basketball team. It's also made up of theatres, entertainment, nightlife, hospitality, and a mediocre hockey team. That has allowed the stock to trade out of sync with whatever horrible thing the Knicks have done/will do. And people seem to trade this stock with the assumption that the company is worth more than the sum of its parts and also like to apparently pretend that Dolan is not a massively terrible executive. So that's fun.

We've said for a while that the people most prepared for the Trump Administration were Knicks fans. After all, they have veteran-level experience living under the leadership of an incompetent heir to a New York City-based fortune who has somehow managed to maintain a level of fame and wealth despite screwing up over and over again, then lashing out at anyone who dared to criticize him for his staggeringly public objective fuck ups. Knicks fans could have warned you that this is an exhausting way to live...and that it doesn't really get better.

Also like Trump, Dolan loves TV, and has his own network. That network trades under an independent ticker that moves much more closely to the Knicks performance, and that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 11.32.06 AM

LOL Knicks...LOL



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