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Ah, summer. When the heat and free time give birth to new yearnings and strange desires.

Like an archconservative 71-year-old man watching CSPAN and realizing that young liberals talking inflation makes him feel funny all over...

President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser praised left-wing Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, after the political rivals found common ground in urging the Federal Reserve not to worry about low unemployment triggering inflation.“

I’ve got to give her high marks for that,” Larry Kudlow told Fox News on Thursday, referring to Ocasio-Cortez’s quizzing of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell in Congress the previous day.

Are Larry Kudlow and AOC about to be modern DC's "West Side Story"? 

Kudlow, who’s also criticized the ideas behind the Phillips Curve, told Fox that he hoped to sit down with “Ms. AOC” and discuss supply-side economics very soon.

This is a fun meeting that will almost certainly never happen.

Larry Kudlow Praises AOC, Wants to Meet With Her on Fed Policy [Bloomberg]


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