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Sure, the major indices are at record levels and like everyone has a job in an America that wants WeWork to go public, but none of that matter because we can prove to you that the next great recession is already upon us:

Turn those SPY puts into gold, use your LYFT stock to buy canned food and a gun, and get to the bunker, because Manhattan real estate is the first casualty of the economic doomsday that is now upon us. We await the Goldman Sachs note on this harbinger of the end times.


marty chavez real estate

Marty Chavez Wants To Sell Ken Griffin An NYC Guest House

Goldman Sachs' Prince that was Promised lists his West Village crib for $19.95 million.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 10.51.53 AM

"Good" Morning, The Bond Market

The yield curve looks great if you turn it upside down.

Larry Kudlow Returns

Area Stock Market Still Being Gaslit By Controlling Older Boyfriend

Why would Larry Kudlow lie to Mr. Market? He LOVES Mr. Market!


You Don't Deserve A Rate Cut

Jay Powell just cannot please you people, can he?

Stoner Traders

Markets Considering Possibility That Escalating Tariffs Between Two Largest Global Economies Are Indeed Bad

Rising costs on goods might be bad for consumers AND manufacturers, muses everyone.


WeWork Files For IPO...Which Is Funny All By Itself

Congrats to Uber on looking profitable by comparison.


WeWork Changes Name In Obvious Attempt To Confuse SoftBank Into Giving It More Money

With the spigot from Masa Son turning off slowly, WeWork's self-adoration takes a dark turn.