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Manhattan Financier Accused Of Unspeakable Act

True evil is becoming commonplace.

There is truly no end to the evil wealthy men feel emboldened to commit in this society.

Per the NY Daily News:

A billionaire hedge fund honcho carved out a personal driveway in a West Village sidewalk — and didn’t pay a dime for the brazen annexation of public space.

What a sick fuck.

Deep-pocketed investor Noam Gottesman — who built himself a corner compound on Jane and Washington Sts. over a decade ago — gave himself the ultimate upgrade during the renovation process: his own private parking spot on one of the city’s most coveted streets.

The sleight-of-hand was achieved thanks to what the Department of Buildings says is an illegal curb cut — an unauthorized slice into the edges of the city sidewalk to make it appear as if a driveway exists at 777 Washington St.

Anyone who's ever tried to park a car in Manhattan is likely wondering what punishment would be enough for Gottesman should this be proven true. Luckily for the righteous, justice is aware of the situation...

“The plans for the ... project do not show any curb cuts and the owner did not apply for an accessory-use curb cut during this process, as required. In addition, the building’s current certificate of occupancy does not reflect a legal curb cut,” said DOB spokesman Joe Soldevere.

But like any truly deviant monster, Gottesman is surrounded by enablers...

That hasn’t stopped Gottesman’s employees from shooing away neighbors — and one News reporter — who have tried to use the space. Although there’s no street sign that declares the spot off-limits, Gottesman’s posted “No Parking” and “Active Driveway” warnings on the big black doors at his sprawling complex’s back entrance. Any attempt to park there immediately brings out hired hands from the building to warn people off.

When a News reporter pulled into the empty space Monday morning, a man emerged within seconds.

“You will be towed,” he said, pointing to the yellow words on the black door behind him, which was open enough to reveal a set of stairs leading up to a balcony landing.

We are beyond words.

Billionaire insists he has legal parking spot on West Village street, infuriating neighbors who say he created a fake space for himself [NYDN]



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