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Looks like DoorDash has been taking a page out of 'Business Ethics According to Travis Kalanick.' The courier (read: hungover Thai food delivery) service has allegedly been underpaying its "dashers" via deceptive practices, for years.

But Rob Schneider in 'Big Daddy' has had it up to here with double D applying customer's tips to guaranteed minimum payments instead of increasing the total paid by the tip amount. "Hold me back!" - Bernie Sanders, probably. Once the press got a hold of the story pressure mounted on DoorDash to make a change ...

So, what now?

To save face and quell an uprising of delivery workers screaming "FOOD IN LOBBY!" DoorDash plans to increase guaranteed minimums by the amount of tip a customer adds. 

DoorDash surely needed this money to keep its bootstrapped, scrappy startup afloat, right?

Not exactly.

The controversy broke just as DD was raising some $400M. At the time of its last fundraise ($600M) in May, the company was valued at more than $13B. And the company recently inked a deal to deliver food for a burger chain called McDonald's. Ever heard of it?

DoorDash to Change Pay Model For Delivery Workers After Criticism  [WSJ]


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