Remember the "scandal" that was Wells Fargo i-bankers turning their innate dishonesty back on the bank that fostered it for so long by charging OT office dinners earlier than was technically allowed? Ever wondered how that turned out?

"We never expect to get much love. But things got a hell of a lot worse for us after the whole Wells Fargo receipt gate debacle. 

Wells Fargo, in its normal moronic fashion, made a change to company policy so that everyone at the firm must use Grubhub for OT meals."

Well, you do the crime...

"Charlotte, being the old school anti tech place it is, only has fast food on Grubhub. So now Wells Fargo expects their analysts and associates 100 hours a week on nothing but a diet of McDonalds and Popeyes Chicken. "


"Bathrooms are ripe as fuck after hours and everyone’s getting fat as shit."

Wells Fargo has The McShits.