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Yesterday we heard again that Wilbur Ross has exactly the amount of vim and vigor that you'd expect him to have over at the Commerce Department, with unhappy anonymous sources from inside his own agency telling Politico reporters that Ol' Wilbur is basically a sleepy old man that no one really considers to be in charge.

Well, we can now tell you that The Slipper King did not take this report laying down [he saves that for meetings], and took to Twitter to dispell any notion that there is a lack of love and respect from his happy staff at Commerce:

So, take that, haters. Any rumors about pissed off Commerce staffers annoyed by the lack clarity and energy from their boss are simply ex-Commerce staffers annoyed by the lack clarity and energy from their former boss.

We're glad that the Commerce Department's press office emailed this tweet to us so we could clear this all up by writing this post.


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