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Raise your hand if you trade equities at a bulge bracket bank...

Now raise your hand if you still trade equities at a bulge bracket bank...

That's...fewer hands.

But, hey, there's worse news!

Per Bloomberg:

Bonuses for equities traders could fall as much as 15% from a year earlier, while their fixed-income counterparts could see a 10% drop, according to a report released Tuesday from compensation consultant Johnson Associates Inc. It predicts total incentive compensation for investment and commercial banks will drop in 2019 -- the third time in the last four years -- on geopolitical and rate uncertainty.

Oh, we're not trying to be mean. But also, there is this:

Bonuses for retail and commercial bankers could increase 5%, reflecting the benefit the biggest U.S. banks have been deriving all year from their Main Street operations.

And this:

Elsewhere on Wall Street, hedge fund and private equity bonuses could climb as much as 5% on positive flows. Asset-management bonuses will probably drop 5% on lower revenues, according to the report.

Okay, maybe we're trying to be a little mean.

Click through to the Bloomberg post for a "fun" graphic.

Wall Street Bonuses to Take a Hit From This Year’s Trading Slump [Bloomberg]



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