Pardon the delay, but we have to talk about this tweet from last Friday:

Oh, David.

We get that this Tesla short position has been your white whale, but even Captain Ahab didn't demand that Moby Dick just quit. There are rules to a crusade, homeboy.

You can't short a religion and then win by making its founder abdicate. That's neither cool nor fun. Even the Medicis killed a pope or two. Bill Ackman didn't get free of his Herbalife itch by getting everyone to stop selling bullshit shakes. He quit. And he's never been happier.

Plus, do you really want Elon to hand you the W at this point? Is that really how you want this to end? Come on, David, roll up your sleeves and end this thing.

And then go take care of the one unfixable mess that is your true destiny: Buy The Mets.