Current, Former Heads Of Goldman International Now Have Something Else In Common - Dealbreaker

Three years ago, when Michael Sherwood stepped down as Goldman Sachs’ top man in London, he was replaced by one Richard Gnodde. Where else have I seen those names in such close proximity? Oh right, among the 17 indictments handed down in Kuala Lumpur last week over that whole 1MDB thing.

Among the current and former Goldman employees charged Friday are two members of Goldman’s top executive committee: Richard Gnodde, who runs the bank’s international operations, and Robin Vince, its chief risk officer. Others include Michael Sherwood, who was overseeing Goldman’s trading operation at the time of the scandal but is no longer with the bank, and Michael Evans, a senior executive at the time of the 1MDB dealings who is now president of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd…. The charges on Friday came under a Malaysian law that holds senior executives responsible for any offense that may have been committed on their watch, Malaysia’s attorney general, Tommy Thomas, said. Malaysia has also leveled allegations against three Goldman subsidiaries operating in the region.

This is not exactly what DJ D-Sol needs right now, although it’s not like he worked all that closely with the men involved. Oh, wait, he did? Bummer. Indeed, the only people who are breathing a sigh of relief right now are the ones who picked Christian Sewing over Gnodde to lead that other 1MDB tire fire, Deutsche Bank.

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