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Larry Kudlow Calls CNBC To Let Them Know That Peter Navarro And Donald Trump Are Nutty Little Fruitcakes

But, like, on background [wink wink].

Hmm, this is a...'mystery'[?]

President Donald Trump and economic advisor Peter Navarro are alone in the White House when it comes to blaming Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for the economic slowdown, administration officials told CNBC.

Who in The White House is so opposed to Navarro's batshit policy advice and burned out enough on working in this administration that he would pick up the phone and call Kayla Tausche to tell her that Snaggletooth Pete is feeding an unhinged president a neverending line of self-serving bullshit on The Fed to obviate the obvious self-harm brought about by a neverending and aimless trade war with China?

This is a puzzler...

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 10.43.09 AM

Oh, right.

Trump, Navarro are the only officials in the White House blaming the Fed for volatility, sources say [CNBC]



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