After being called out this morning in an editorial by The Wall Street Journal editorial board that claimed his batshit China trade policy advice to President Trump will be the death of the American economy [we're paraphrasing, but they are stealing our material], Navarro did what any not-crazy senior White House economic advisor would do when called to task by a famously pro-business right-leaning newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch: He went on one of Murdoch's TV networks and told former journalist Maria Bartiromo what he thinks of the WSJ:

"The Wall Street Journal has opposed President Trump's trade policies going back to 2016. When The Mainstream Journal starts criticizing president trump and myself, that's when we'll worry" 

Ya burnt, WSJ! Because Navarro and his real dad Donald Trump don't give a shit what you have to say! In fact, they only care about what's written in The Mainstream Journal, a publication that does not exist, has never existed and would actually be a great nickname for The Wall Street Journal. So, suck it! 

And he wasn't done dropping the hammer on the libtard snowflakes at the NewsCorp building, just a few floors above where Maria was broadcasting! He had more fire to spit!

"WSJ will write what it writes. It doesn't sound a lot different from The People's Daily in terms of the news that it puts out."

DAAAMN, Pete, you nasty. The WSJ is basically like a state-run socialist newspaper parroting the message of the regime. It's so true! Especially in this case when it's explicitly critical of both the American and Chinese regimes...

Wait, this reminds us of the time that Navarro felt triggered by a Citi note to clients warning that tariffs from his border adjustment tax proposal would lead to problems for US retailers, and Navarro fired back on television that Citi was essentially a tool of the mainstream liberal media. That was funny because he had everything so ass-backward. You know, like today...and literally every day.

It's becoming pretty clear that Peter Navarro is not really clear on how insults or Socialism work.