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From the moment that Jared Kushner found him on Amazon, Peter Navarro has consistently been the most geopolitically dangerous, maniacally self-serving and least qualified person giving Donald Trump economic advice in the White House.

Simply put, Navarro is a Sinophobic drunk uncle with virtually no peer respect at all in the economic academia, but he's good at going on TV and talking about Trump's genius as angry spittle bursts from his mouth over the snaggled hacksaw ridge that is his teeth. Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow have both failed to shut him up, allowing him to ego fluff the president into a mutually assured destructive trade war with China and helping put the American economy on the brink of crisis. 

Peter Navarro's taut, rangy face has become the best simulacrum for this administration's nonsensical trade policy with China, so it was not surprising to see it on Fox News the morning after fears of a neverending trade war sent the DJIA down by almost a thousand points.

Nor was it surprising to hear what Navarro's market-saving plan entailed:

“The Federal Reserve before the end of the year has to lower interest rates by at least another 75 basis points or 100 basis points to bring interest rates here in America in line with the rest of the world,” Navarro told Fox News. “We have just too big a spread between our rates and that costs us jobs.”

That's right. Navarro's batshit zealotry has led to the stock market giving back all its gains from the Trump tax cuts, almost certainly sending his boss into a marmalade-faced rage and prompting Pete to do the one thing that he knows will play with the most emotionally malleable person to ever sit in the Oval Office: Blame Jay Powell.

Now this is the part where we would argue that it's utterly disingenuous for a White House economic advisor to argue that rate cuts make sense in "Trump's Most Beautiful Economy Ever™" [see: Kudlow, Larry] but this is Pete Navarro we're talking about, and he's not a real economist, so we'll give him a pass for being not even remotely qualified to cogently talk economic policy.

So if Navarro is really relying on Jay Powell to save his White House ass, it might finally be time for Pete to pack up his shit [by which we mean his sweatpants and all those copies of his own books] and go peddle crazy somewhere else.



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