Did you guys know that Jamie Dimon, America's greatest living banker, is also one of our greatest unknown filmmakers? 

Well, you know who also doesn't know that? Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Per Bloomberg:

The head of the biggest U.S. bank once pitched Walt Disney Co. chief Bob Iger on a movie centered around a single woman who enlists an all-female “board of directors” to pick a husband. JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Dimon said he gave a one-minute pitch and suggested Bette Midler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus be cast. Iger called it a bad idea and graded it a “C.”

Umm, the fuck, Bob Iger? That's idea is solid GOLD! And based on the casting recommendations, Jamie must have pitched this a while ago...like 2017 probably. 

“When you’re in the movie business, and the head of a bank comes in with a movie idea, you show respect but you don’t take it very seriously,” Disney’s Iger said.

Wrong again, BOB! We'd watch the shit out of this movie. The idea of picking a board of directors to give you stern counsel that you can pretend you have to listen to while doing what your heart wants anyway is totally relatable. Just like everyone has felt that pang of wondering if you'll ever find "The One," everyone has had that experience of having a room full of well-educated wealthy business people tell you not to hand billions in debt financing to an unproven entrepreneur in advance of a batshit IPO and said "Eat shit, Normos, I'm cutting him a check NOW!"

Call us, Jamie, we'll get this made ASAP. We have the perfect actress already in mind!

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