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When last we checked in on Highbridge Capital co-founder Glenn Dubin’s relationship with the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the two were just buddies and occasional business partners. For some reason apparently having nothing to do with his being a “financier,” Epstein was instrumental in JPMorgan Chase’s purchase of Highbridge back in 2004, and Dubin got Epstein in on the ground floor of one of his protégé’s new hedge funds. And although that ended in litigation, that didn’t stop the Dubins from having Epstein over for Thanksgiving dinner a year after he became a convicted sex offender, nor did it prevent Dubin’s wife from telling Epstein’s probation officer that there was no one she’d rather have around her children (she dated Epstein before marrying Dubin, but she was in her 20s, so what could possibly go wrong?). Alas, things have gotten a bit dark since, according to Vanity Fair.

According to Giuffre’s May 2016 deposition, Dubin was the “first” powerful person that Maxwell sent her to have sex with “after my training…..” She said Maxwell told her to give Dubin “a massage.” (The Dubins categorically deny Giuffre’s allegations. Their spokesperson also provided evidence they say disproves Giuffre's account.…)

Not a great look, but, you know, he said, she said, even if the she in this case has credibly accused Epstein of keeping her as a sex slave. Still, you know, just one data point….

Rizzo and his wife, Debra, worked for the Dubins, primarily as their full-time chefs…. According to the deposition, Rizzo and his wife were preparing dinner for the Dubins in the kitchen of one of their homes when Andersson-Dubin brought in a 15-year-old Swedish girl who had accompanied Epstein and Maxwell on this visit to the Dubins’ home…. Rizzo stated that the girl told him she was involved in some forced sexual activity at Epstein’s Caribbean island and was told by Maxwell and Epstein not to discuss it.

Is that all? Please say that’s all….

Then there is the Dubins’ link to Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder and CEO of L Brands—a retail empire that includes Victoria’s Secret—who was Epstein’s only known financial client…. Wexner’s infamous ties to Epstein have been well documented by now, although his friendship with the Dubins has never before been reported. Yes, it was true, Dubin’s spokesman told me, that Wexner had allowed the Dubins and their three children the exclusive use of Limitless, Wexner’s $100 million, 316-foot private yacht, for a Mediterranean vacation…. According to one source, it was quite unusual for Wexner to let anyone use Limitless when he was not on board…./‘I’m just baffled because nobody is allowed on this boat. Nobody. We’ve never had anybody on this boat other than the owner.’

For Billionaire Glenn Dubin, The Epstein Saga Isn’t Over [Vanity Fair]



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