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When Lloyd Blankfein retired from Goldman Sachs last year, we assumed he'd take a little time to exhale and find his joy before jumping into something with both feet. After all, Lloyd is just 64 and he is a man with interests and means.

But almost 10 months into retirement, Lloyd is doing this:

Lloyd Blankfein needs a friend to talk to, and we'd like to remind him that we're here...and we're listening.

[and also that he should run for Mayor of New York City, but we'll come back to that.]



You Should See The Tweets In Lloyd's Drafts Folder

Lord Blankfein is the new Kanye of Finance Twitter.


Welcome To The Summer Of Lloyd!

Lloyd Blankfein is going to spend the next two a half months existing somewhere between TGIF and DGAF.


Area DJ Lies To CNBC

David Solomon tells David Faber that he's focused on being COO and there's no succession timeline at Goldman Sachs.


With Trump White House In Disarray, Lloyd Blankfein Looks To Refocus Gary Cohn

Once Lloyd figures out how to DM Gary, we can kiss his twitter account goodbye.

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Lloyd Blankfein Attempts A Clapback Tweet, Ends Up With A Flaming Cooperman On His Hands

Uncle Lloyd falls prey to the old billionaire curse of forgetting to not engage with Elizabeth Warren.