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Good News, Tesla Fans! Elon Is Giving Out Jobs

Hiring At Musk’s EV company is up 63%.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors’ hiring activity graph over time looks a lot like the EKG of a day trader: tons of ups and downs with what appears to an eventual fade into oblivion:


But there’s some good news of the EV manufacturer and those who are invested in it for the long run: hiring at Tesla Motors is up 26% since August and 63% since last spring.


This hiring run comes after a steep drop in hiring in early 2019 that saw job openings at Tesla tumble from 2,500 to 934 — a drop of 63% — between January and April of 2019.

The types of new hires show a Tesla Motors that’s becoming a more mature auto company, with a focus on hiring for the company’s service division that’s intended to keep current Tesla customers happy and, ultimately, buying another Tesla. After all, the oldest Teslas on the road are now 7 years old, and Musk and Co. hope those people will come back for another ride.


Meanwhile, Engineering and IT jobs are on the rise at Tesla as the company doubles down on e-commerce as a way to continue to sidestep the traditional car dealership model.

In other words, the job listings show a Tesla scrambling for a future that includes sustainable sales, customer retention, and revenue-building technology. After all, Tesla Motors is running out of time as the only game in town as other manufacturers — including luxe brands like Porsche — hop on the EV train.

Joshua Fruhlinger is the publisher of Thinknum Media.


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