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You know how we've written a few things about Jim Cramer being the next chairman of the Federal Reserve? How he'd be the perfect antidote for what's ailing Jay Powell by indulging the equity markets with a brand of monetary policy that we would best analogize to "trailer park meth dealer?" And how he could telegraph the Fed's decision on his TV show, which he would still have because the president is real-life Chauncey Gardiner?

Well, we were fucking joking. We are clowns. What the fuck?

We already went down this road with Larry Kudlow taking over for Gary Cohn, and a few other things, so let's not make this joke come true, please. Even Jim himself must be a little concerned by the possibility that the actual president is considering him to be the actual Fed Chair.

We are so tired...



Jay Powell Hates Running The Fed So Much That He's Now Daring Trump To Fire Him On Television

Pack your bags, Jim Cramer, you're getting called up to the big show.


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The Mad One is now openly applying to be Donald Trump's central banker.