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Our old pal and disgraced former teenage hedge fund manager/failed marketing genius/disgraced private investigator and all-around broken child Jacob Wohl, had another one of his excruciatingly humiliating media events today, this one alleging that Elizabeth Warren has a twenty-something BDSM boy toy who she met online.

Obviously, Jacob and his partner Jack Burkman are totally full of shit [they always are], but this whole thing was all about garnering Jacob more attention for his projected sex fantasies that he casts in some 8Chan subreddit and then presents as an "investigation" before being laughed at and teased for his essentially being an unloved boy who needs to be publicly shamed to get aroused.

And this time, Wohl might have gotten o̶f̶f̶ what he wants, because Elizabeth Warren has recognized Jacob's sad little release:

Are you finished now, Jacob?

Good, now clean up and think of some new scheme. We're getting bored.


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