Whether you believe that Crispin Odey has been fomenting, funding and betting on Brexit, or not, it is pretty clear that ol' Cripsy would benefit oh so much from the catastrophe of Britain leaving Europe with no deal.

Odey has some pretty sizable positions that would look great if the Pound Sterling dropped through the floor as the British economy imploded, and that's irked some members of Parliament who see something rather starkly fishy with the whole thing. Luckily for Odey, he has friends in the House of Commons, but unfortunately for Odey, one of those friends is Jacob Rees-Mogg:

During a debate in Parliament earlier today, Labour MP Valerie Vaz raised these concerns about the billionaire backer of Boris Johnson who as early as July was allegedly putting pressure on the then-frontrunner to become the next prime minister to prorogue Parliament and force through a No-Deal Brexit.

In response, Rees-Mogg didn’t deny that Odey stood to make money from a No-Deal Brexit. Rather, he pointed to a different hedge fund manager who back in 1992 made more money than Odey stands to make from Brexit.

Go on, human joke about classist inbreeding:

He said: “One of the major funders, allegedly, of the Remain campaign, the sort of Remoaner funder-in-chief, is one George Soros, who made a billion pounds when sterling crashed out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, which is five times as much as Mr Odey is said to have made."

No, no. Let the ridiculous man finish his defense, please...

The Leader of the House of Commons also felt the need to point out that Odey was a friend and supporter of his: “So I fear all she is saying is that Mr Soros is a better hedge fund manager than my good friend Crispin Odey, who is a great friend of mine and, indeed, supporter of mine.”

"My friend might be a mediocre manager of money," Rees-Mogg would like the world to know. "But he's also nowhere near capable of doing something so next-level brilliant as pushing his country into economic chaos for his own profit."

You're a good friend, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

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