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Henry Kravis doesn’t merely stalk the halls of his namesake private equity firm, looking for underdressed millennials to can (making up for lost time in the process), starting new business lines to stick it to those who have wronged him, buying blogs, making angry phone calls to the poor man’s Travis Kalanick, and of course raking it in hand over fist. He’s also continuing to prepare for that unthinkable time when he and George Roberts join Jerome Kohlberg around the great big boardroom table in the sky.

Pete Stavros and Nate Taylor, who both joined KKR in 2005, will co-lead the firm’s private-equity business in the Americas. They will be taking over day-to-day responsibility for the unit from Joe Bae, who was named KKR’s co-president and co-chief operating officer in 2017. Messrs. Stavros and Taylor will continue to report to Mr. Bae…. In Europe, KKR promoted Mattia Caprioli and Philipp Freise, both 18-year veterans based in London, to lead the region’s private-equity business…. KKR recently tapped Hirofumi Hirano and Ashish Shastry, who have been with the firm since 2013 and 2016, respectively, to lead private-equity investing in the Asia-Pacific region.

KKR Lines Up New Leaders for Private-Equity Businesses [WSJ]



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