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Bill and Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, has had some difficulty holding on to jobs. The six years he spent at Goldman Sachs remain his longest tenure in any position. Since then, he’s tried his hand at private equity, but left after a couple of years to go skiing. Then, he started a hedge fund. Unfortunately, he decided that this hedge fund’s best opportunities were in Greece, and so he had to stop managing a hedge fund.

After another few months on the couch, Mezvinsky took a job at Social Capital, where his brief was to diversify the Silicon Valley venture capital shop into other areas of asset management. This lasted less than a year, and left many (well, us, anyway) wondering whether there were any untilled fields in finance for Mezvinsky to hoe a new row. Well, he’s found it, and it’s essentially the reverse of his previous job.

Mr. Mezvinsky started at the firm’s New York office at the end of the summer as a managing director and business-unit partner in its new TPG Tech Adjacencies fund, one of the people said.

TPG said in May it had raised $1.6 billion for the vehicle, which aims to invest in growing technology companies that don’t plan to go public in the near term but whose founders, employees and early investors may need liquidity….

In his role, Mr. Mezvinsky will spend much of his time working in the firm’s internet, digital-media and communications practice, which is overseen by David Trujillo, a TPG partner. The unit has invested in a long list of prominent companies, including Airbnb Inc., Uber Technologies Inc. and Spotify Technology SA.

TPG Hires Chelsea Clinton’s Husband [WSJ]



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By Lishabai Yi (Middle Kingdom Media Ltd.) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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