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Student-athletes caught a break on Tuesday, as the NCAA Board of Governors voted to start proceedings that would change an organization-wide rule which states that athletes can’t profit off of their names, images, and likenesses.

NCAA board members unanimously agreed that student-athletes should have the same opportunities to make money as other students. You know, all the other students that don’t bring schools millions of dollars per year in revenue. 

That’s pretty cool

Yeah, it is. But it’s not set in stone just yet. Rules on the topic of amateurism (not going to lie, always thought that word had a wayyy different meaning) must be drawn up by each of the three divisions that comprise the NCAA.

Each division will need to submit rules by 2021, according to their NCAA overlords. Traditionally, the organization looks at college athletes as amateurs, and it’s undetermined how college athletes themselves will benefit from the ruling. 

Student-athletes must still be treated like students, and not employees, per a clear distinction that the NCAA is working towards identifying. The NCAA is also putting front and center the principles of diversity, inclusion and gender equity, aligning it with most other workplaces. Finally, the NCAA says it won’t let recruits be paid. Tell that to Cam Newton’s dad. 

The bottom line ...

New rules won’t necessarily cut players a paycheck, as compensation for play is still going to be strictly frowned upon. Some politicians even believe that athletes who make money off of endorsements should have scholarships taxed as income. Either way, this is still a huge step for college athletes. Well, mostly college football players.

Oh, and did we mention that this helps clear the way for NCAA video games to make a triumphant return? 

NCAA clears way for athletes to profit from names, images and likenesses  [ESPN]

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