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Less work done? Exodus of top staffers? Floors full of empty offices? Infighting? A pervasive climate of fear, set at the very top? Whistleblower complaints? The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is really starting to feel at home in Donald Trump’s America.

The regulator has issued 27% fewer audit-inspection reports this year, board data show, as senior staff positions remain unfilled for months….

Republicans had urged the SEC for years to give Mr. Duhnke the job, which pays about $670,000 annually…. Within months of arriving, Mr. Duhnke began pushing out longtime senior executives, according to the whistleblower letter and people familiar with the matter.… The whistleblower letter said the regulator “is permeated by a sense of fear,” due to “the numerous terminations … [some] driven by retaliation….” The board’s website shows around 50 permanent roles need to be filled, out of about 850.

Audit Watchdog Plagued by Internal Strife, Whistleblower Claims [WSJ]


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Treasury Department Simultaneous Encouraging, Discouraging Crypto Adoption

Which, you must admit, is perfectly par for the course for the Trump administration.

By U.S. Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

CFTC Develops Novel DoJ Drafting Technique Of Cut-Rate Regulation

It’s cheap, it’s (somewhat) effective and it makes everyone happy (except for the people going to jail).

(Fifth Third Bancorp)

Regulation Under Late Trumpism

It’s time to do your worst and get the hell out.


Gary Gensler To Do More In First Months Than Jay Clayton Did In Four Years

The little regulator that could has 10b5-1 plans, SPACs, Twitter, accounting and chief compliance officers in his sights.

This long-time Richmond resident approves. By Billy Hathorn (Mounument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

New Richmond Fed President A Study In Trumpian Diversity

On the surface, he looks like everyone else at the Fed, but dig a little deeper….