Remember when Ken Fisher got on stage at that investment conference and said some very un-woke stuff, and then a guy at the conference did a selfie video about it, and then we all found out that Ken has been saying pretty wacky naughty borderline-misogynistic stuff at conferences for years?

And do you also maybe remember that it cost Ken a few billion bucks after a bunch of investors pulled their money upon being suddenly uncomfortable with the world's biggest consumer of annuity haterade?

Well, Ken Fisher is done taking everyone's crap about how he likes to talk crap, and he would like everyone to know that he is basically a male feminist. And to prove the point, he's set up a whole website where you can go read stats about, and testimonials from, women that work for him!

There is a video, a variety of pictures with positive quotes and stats like 800+ women being employed at Fisher, with women making up 60% of the executives at the firm. The other stat is that 63% of Fisher employees are "led by women" and we also have no idea what that means. Production values on the site and the video are high and there was clearly thought put into the whole thing, but while we respect the almost total lack of subtlety about this campaign [Fisher also took out a full-page ad in the WSJ to promote the site] we also can't help but notice that nothing about it has anything to say about Ken Fisher himself.

None of the women say Ken's name or refer to him directly, nothing is said about how he is a champion of women and no one excuses his behavior. What we have here is a site conveying the fact that women work at Fisher Investments, they like their jobs, do not like the almost $4 billion that has disappeared from their company and would like everyone to know that Ken might be an asshole, but please don't punish them.

To be fair, we kind of dig this angle. But what does this mean for Ken?