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Two years ago, JPMorgan Chase’s money-laundering operations received the most fulsome compliment imaginable, a slap on the wrist from the Swiss authorities. Now, however, that proud and august banking legacy has been reined in.

The Federal Reserve on Thursday lifted consent orders against JPMorgan Chase & Co. and U.S Bancorp stemming from what the central bank identified as weak anti-money laundering controls…. JPMorgan had a similar order in place with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. That order was lifted in May.

Federal Reserve Lifts Consent Orders Against JPMorgan, U.S. Bancorp [WSJ]



Deutsche Bank’s Money Laundering Controls Still Need A Touch Of Work

Not that the Federal Reserve is mad about it or anything. Oh, they are?

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New JPMorgan ETF Robot May Not Be Cool, But It Is Cheap

J.D. & co. are betting that’ll be enough to keep the twenty- and thirty-somethings rolling in to their local chase branch.

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Junior JPMorgan Chasers Urged To Grind Themselves To Dust To Pay For Jamie Dimon’s Latest Bonus And Also Find Themselves

Both of which are completely unnecessary for purpose, but apparently necessary to maintaining Wall Street’s culture or something.

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JPMorgan Trader Gets COVID At Highly Inconvenient And Embarrassing Time

A week before his colleagues are being ordered back to the office and at the same time that Jamie Dimon is extolling the plan’s virtues.