Elon Musk has had a lot of fun with short sellers in his time, especially since they’re usually taking a bath betting against his religion-that-makes-a-few-cars-and-also-flamethrowers-but-not-enough-of-either-or-any-money. That being said, he’d still like to see them in prison.

Now, we know Musk—like any good cult leader—doesn’t take criticism or skepticism well, but perhaps he should focus on his own legal issues. And maybe go back to that whole not-tweeting thing.



Instead Of Austin, Maybe Elon Musk Should Move To Seoul

What’s the South Korean government’s position on exterminating MBAs?

Elon Musk Smoking

Elon Musk Is Looking For Yet Another Babysitter

Who wants to explain everything he does to the SEC/judge/board members/Saudi crown prince?


Elon Musk Totally Wasn’t Lying About Going-Private Funding

For real, just call up Crown Prince Mohammad. He’ll vouch for him.

Elon Musk Smoking

Who Let Elon Musk’s Babysitters Take Off Early For Christmas?

Was there no one around to grab his phone when TSLA shares hit $420?


Elon Musk Determined To Keep Legal System Aware That He Once Had A Cool Girlfriend

If you want to keep your ex-girlfriend out of a legal situation, make your lawyer file a motion all about your ex-girlfriend.


It Only Looked Like Elon Musk Had A Bad Year

As with everything else Tesla-related, when you get into the proper magical realms, it looked more like a $2.3 billion year.