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Let’s say you’re a bored billionaire who (somehow) just escaped one major self-authored crisis unscathed, in spite of the mortal dangers to your billionaire status. What do you do? Lay low for a while? Focus on making your company some money? Don’t be silly: First, you spend some time editing your Wikipedia page. Then you evade your dwindling band of babysitters, press the home button on your phone, realize your stock price has crested $420, giggle a little, and then indulge in your most self-destructive vice by tweeting out a reminder of two other crises you inexplicably created with your trademark sense of, uh, humor, we guess.

Oh, Elon, we hope you never change. Then again, we aren’t Tesla shareholders.

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Elon Musk Smoking

Elon Musk Is Looking For Yet Another Babysitter

Who wants to explain everything he does to the SEC/judge/board members/Saudi crown prince?

Elon Musk Smoking

Elon Musk Asks Court To Allow SEC To Force Him Out As Tesla CEO

That’s probably not what he thinks he’s asking for, but it is.

By Heisenberg Media (Flickr: Elon Musk - The Summit 2013) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Look At Elon Musk’s Record Rather Than His Speech If You’re Worried About Twitter Takeover

It's almost as if carefully thinking through and thoroughly reflecting upon everything he says before he says it is not Musk’s strong suit.


Elon Musk Hopes To Distract From His Problems By Having People Pay Him To Elaborately Murder Them In Space

If you don't stop shorting Tesla, Elon's going to shoot a Japanese guy into the fucking moon.


Tesla Shareholders Can’t Legally Force Elon Musk To Shut Up

Even if it would be for his own good, his Twitter habit hasn’t yet reached “poisoning the jury pool” levels.