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So Michael Platt is not the “highest-earning person in the world of finance… in the world.” This is both true (regardless of just how broad the category of “people in the world of finance… in the world” is, according to Bloomberg, he was just the fifth highest-earning fund manager in the world last year) and, according to Michael Platt, something he knew to be true. He was just joshing around with his cab driver in a now-deleted Instagram video.

“It was a spoof interview with a taxi driver who gathers comedy quotes ... and even did so from Tom Hanks!” Platt wrote in an email to Bloomberg on Tuesday. “It was a joke -- literally!”

Funny joke, Mike. Unless you’re the guys he’s suing to recoup bonuses.

The traders, Alex Codrington and Russell Hartley, say they felt they had no future at the firm after an unpleasant meeting with Platt on plans for his fund’s stock trading. They allege in a Nov. 29 filing prepared for a London court case that Platt said the discussion was so depressing that he should have brought the drug Prozac.

BlueCrest is suing the pair for more than 3.5 million pounds ($4.5 million). It alleges they pledged to stay, collected bonuses and then moved to a rival fund.

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