Does Jamie Dimon Know He’s Endorsed A Non-Chase Corporate Card? - Dealbreaker

Some credit-card issuers just mail it in when they print up those fake cardboard dummies for their applications, with a “Your Name Here” or “Jane Doe” or whatever. Bank of America just made up Chris L. Martin, which may or may not predate the popularity of Coldplay. When they do go for a real person, it’s almost always someone involved in marketing, probably for legal reasons. The venerable C.F. Frost worked on the American Express account back in the ‘60s. JPMorgan Chase’s D. Barrett is a real-live member of the bank’s customer service team. Marissa Robertson is Apple’s head of marketing strategy for, among other things, the Apple Card on which her name so prominently appears.

Expensify, the San Francisco-based expense management cockroach that’s just gotten into the corporate card game, has gone a different route, according to this ad seen by our own Jesse Spector on the N the train.

Can I use this?

Can I use this?

It’s a good thing the real J. Dimon lives and works on the IRT.