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Those associated with the late and not terribly lamented alleged financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on the whole would prefer not to talk about him, or they might have done with him, and certainly not what he might have done for them. Leon Black would prefer to put it behind him. Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr would prefer to spout nonsense on the floor of the U.S. Senate that think about him. Prince Andrew definitely doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, least of all to law enforcement. And Glenn Dubin would rather fade into obscurity than get into any of the allegedly sordid details of his doings with Epstein.

Dubin, 62, will turn over management and his equity stake in Engineers Gate LP, the quantitative hedge fund firm he founded in 2014, at the end of January, he told Reuters in an interview on Thursday…. Dubin said he plans to focus on direct investing—as opposed to passive stakes in hedge funds—through his family office, Dubin & Co….

He said the decision to leave Engineers Gate had nothing to do with media attention related to his old association with Jeffrey Epstein, the late U.S. financier charged with trafficking underage girls.

Hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin retires from industry after 40 years [Reuters]



Jeffrey Epstein Pal Glenn Dubin Doesn’t Know Who This Other Epstein Buddy ‘Glen Dubin’ Is

Apologies to the Virgin Islands authorities, but in spite of the shared last name, he’s got no idea where to find him.

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Report: Jeff Epstein Did A Little More For Glenn Dubin Than Find A Buyer For His Hedge Fund

Certainly enough (allegedly) to earn some breast meat on T-Day, if you catch my drift.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Banker Screws Over Jeffrey Epstein’s Bank

Jes Staley, who once bought a hedge fund with Epstein’s help, is taking his piece of Deutsche Bank’s prime brokerage.

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Jeffrey Epstein Still Using Sex-Crime Trust Fund From Beyond The Grave

Well, his executors, anyway. For their own benefit. Allegedly.

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Jeffrey Epstein Drops Sick Burn On Hedge Funders From Beyond The Grave

And he does it via Charlie Gasparino in case any of you were afraid this wasn't sufficiently batshit.

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Just How Fulsome Was Jes Staley’s Description Of His Ties To Jeffrey Epstein To British Regulators?

They’d like to know if he improperly kept his underwear on in his disclosures to them.

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Jeffrey Epstein To Bring Down Entire Global Financial Hierarchy From The Grave

Ties to the convicted pedophile is apparently the only thing powerful white men can’t talk themselves out of.