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If there’s anything that Elon Musk loves more than sticking it to those mean awful short sellers in the most spectacular way possible, it’s, uh, no, wait, forget it, there’s nothing he likes better. Or even comes close. But if there’s something that’s definitely his second-favorite thing, it’s not definitely not actually delivering cars to customers ahead of schedule rather than years behind. No, it’s beating David Solomon to the top of the EDM charts.

I don’t hate myself enough to listen to “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe,” but if you’d like to help Elon outpace Roddy Ricch and some other people I’ve never heard of, and also make David Einhorn’s year a little worse, I’d welcome some reviews in the comments. Especially from you, Mr. President.

Elon Musk took a victory lap after his weird EDM song broke the top 10 on SoundCloud [BI]



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