People say a lot of things about Carl Icahn and, in fairness, he says a lot of things about them. But it’s the former he wants to address right now, because a lot of the things people say about him aren’t true. Bill Ackman saying Icahn asked to be his friend? Bullshit. Bill Ackman snaking him out of his favorite wine at his favorite restaurant? FAKE NEWS.

Now, you might expect that since Icahn gave HP CEO a call to suggest he buy Xerox, it’s fair to say that Icahn was in effect suggesting that HP, which he owns 4.3% of, should buy his 11% of Xerox in addition to the other 89% of Xerox. This, however, is apparently somehow untrue.

“I certainly did not offer my stock in Xerox in that discussion or, for that matter, in any discussion,” he said in an interview. “Frankly, I am getting tired of anonymous statements that keep popping up alleging that my stock in Xerox is for sale, which couldn’t be further from the truth, because I believe so strongly in the synergies that exist in a combination between Xerox and HP and I certainly want to own a piece of those synergies.”

Now, given that strangely combative statement, and Icahn’s entire public persona, and his propensity for beating kids up in the schoolyard, that Icahn is of a martial bent. But no! One winter in Florida’s warming sunshine, and the old warrior has become a teddy bear.

“I do believe peace is better than war and therefore I would support a consensual deal if the boards presented an acceptable one to shareholders,” he said.

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