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We will admit that we briefly got our hopes up when we saw that Jamie Dimon wouldn’t be financing any more drilling in the great (decreasingly) frozen North. Not because we think he’s helping save the planet: That ship has long since set sail onto the warming, deepening waters of our oceans. Rather, it’s because yet another in a series of suspiciously presidential-sounding statements, coming so hot on the heels of left-leaning capitalism’s last great hope Michael Bloomberg’s sputtering, uninspiring debate performances could only mean one thing: He’s gonna do it! Sure, it’s probably too late for him to win enough delegates in the primaries and so on, but deadlock and a stop-Sanders alliance and brokered convention and boom! Your dream Dimon-Marianne Williamson ticket. Alas, it remains just that, a dream, for a true Democratic presidential candidate in waiting probably would not do this in a race in which Sanders and Elizabeth Warren still have a combined majority of allocated delegates.

The nation’s biggest bank will occasionally tap the Fed’s discount window when it makes business sense to do so, Mr. Dimon said at JPMorgan’s investor day Tuesday. Banks—scarred from the public beating they took during the financial crisis—have all but abandoned the window in recent years to avoid even a whiff of a government bailout.

“We think it’s time,” Mr. Dimon said. “We think it’s a good idea and will help remove the stigma.”

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