Federal Court Refuses To Distract Us From Coronavirus With More Fun Tidbits About What Goldman Did To Malaysia - Dealbreaker

We’ve all had a lot of fun with the 1MDB scandal, excluding, of course, everyone at Goldman Sachs (most especially 17 current and former executives) and Deutsche Bank (if the latter have even noticed another scandal strewn in with everything else). I mean, it gave us $13 million Vegas parties with Leonardo DiCaprio, the saga of Mr. Kimora Lee Simmons (and his part-time party planning, bigamy and horndogging), a few million dollars worth of diamonds on the person of the wife of the former prime minister of Malaysia, and a $600 million job. (It also gave us “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but nothing’s perfect.)

Given all of the above and so much more, our friends at the failing New York Times thought they’d see if there were any more goodies in the grab-bag that is the legal record of this amazing case. Unfortunately, they’ve been thwarted.

The Second Circuit issued an order Tuesday largely denying a request by the New York Times to unseal portions of the hearing transcript for a former Goldman Sachs banker’s guilty plea related to the billion-dollar 1Malaysia Development Bhd. Scandal.

Back to writing breathless stories about hand sanitizer, guys.

2nd Circ. Largely Denies NYT’s Bid To Unseal 1MDB Docs [Law360]


Not a place Goldman is particularly interested in visiting. Two hundred percent. [CC BY-SA 2.5], from Wikimedia Commons

Malaysia Is Not Buying What Goldman’s Selling This Time

$6.5 billion in bond deals? Sure. This cockamamie story about how you didn’t know people were stealing almost half of it? No.


David Solomon’s Honeymoon Comes To Abrupt End

Could this ex-partner’s guilty plea not have come, say, a month and a day ago?

Everyone say 'insider trading' on 3! (Getty Images)

Tim Leissner Free To Pursue Party-Planning Career

Because the former Goldman Sachs scam artist is not going to be investment banking anymore.


Goldman Said Sorry, Doesn’t Think It Should Have To Also Say ‘Guilty’

Also, isn’t a $2 billion fine for ripping a country off of $6.5 billion sort of excessive, when you think about it, Attorney General Barr?


Goldman Proves New Theory Of The Time Value Of Money

Wait for a politically convenient moment, pay less.


Court Vindicates Dick Fuld’s CDO Flip Clauses

Da Bros don’t always wins, but they win enough.