A Biblical plague of locusts is now afflicting a world already reeling under the somewhat-less-than-Biblical plague of a novel coronavirus. As it is already quite occupied with the latter, what with the quarantined chancellor and ban on threesomes of any kind and €750 billion in stimulus from a country that does not care for such measures, Germany is making clear it’s not interested in tackling the other, literally or metaphorically.

Altmaier said the government wanted to get aid to companies as quickly as possible and that Berlin was ready to protect firms from insolvency as well as unwanted takeovers during the crisis with a newly created Economy Stabilisation Fund.

"Make no mistake, we're determined to protect our companies and jobs," Altmaier said, adding that this message was directed at hedge funds.

Asked if Germany was planning a ban on short-selling of company shares like other European countries, Scholz said he would not speculate about such a step publicly in advance.

That’s right: Where Donald Trump takes a page out of an old German book and uses a crisis to whip up fears about an ethnic minority, the Germans take a page out of a more recent German book and use it to whip up fears about hedge funds.

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