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The U.K. has yet to impose the more draconian restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus seen elsewhere, but HSBC is acting as though it’s already subject to a shelter-in-place order. And since Noel Quinn has been acting CEO for almost as long as John Flint was actual CEO, and given the circumstances—the fact that no one else wants the job, not the pandemic, and the fact that Quinn already has the blood of 35,000 people on his hands—HSBC figures it might as well make things official.

HSBC Holdings PLC appointed Noel Quinn as its permanent chief executive, seven months after he assumed the leadership position on an interim basis…. He was the only internal candidate, and other bankers considered for the role included UniCredit SpA boss Jean Pierre Mustier, who withdrew from talks about the position in late February.

HSBC Appoints Noel Quinn as Permanent CEO [WSJ]


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HSBC CEO Would Rather Answer Awkward Questions From British Members Of Parliament Than Chinese Bureaucrats

But Noel Quinn’s not a political man so he’d rather not get in to the obvious implications of that choice.

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HSBC Probably Already Counting The Days Until Its Next CFO Leads Its Next Unsuccessful Coup

Who knows? Maybe Georges Elhedery will be more patient than all of his predecessors and win the crown… eventually.

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Layoffs Watch ’19: HSBC C-Suite

The wholesale departures precede some additional wholesale departures.

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HSBC Really Doesn’t Like It When Mommy And Daddy Fight

Mommy and Daddy in this case being China and the U.S.

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HSBC Violates Your Natural/Moral/Legal/Constitutional/Biblical Right To An HSBC Bank Account While Killing HSBC Employees

It definitely says “Thou shalt not cancel my checking account in absence of a mask” in one or all of those.

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HSBC Bankers Now Have Two Bosses To Bitch About And Plot Against

Now, maybe the bank will only be a “persistent failure” half the time.