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There will be no Olympics this year. No more opera or orchestral performances. No March Madness. No Eurovision Song Contest, although that’s probably for the best. No St. Patrick’s Day parades. No South by or Glastonbury (and no Coachella until October). No Google I/O or E3. No Sohn or really any other conferences, at least for now. And now, for the second time in three years, albeit for somewhat different reasons (albeit not entirely, given the Donald Trump factor in both cases), no SALT.

“The well being of the SALT community is our first priority, and after consulting with numerous experts, we determined cancellation is the best course of action,” spokeswoman Jami Schlicher said in a statement Monday. The event, in its 11th year, was to be held May 19-21.

That’s of course the obvious course of action to take, given just how many attendees might have first popped in at an upscale Connecticut soirée, and also the fact that the Mooch might not have had any choice about it anyway, but also somewhat merciful to the aforementioned SALT community, given what a total lame-o bummer SALT has become even when it does manage to go off. Of course, if you really, really need a Mooch fix, there is some good news, assuming there is still a global society and air traffic in December.

Scaramucci is still planning to hold the SALT Middle East conference in December.

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