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Ross Garon is living the dream, retiring at the age of 48 after what has been by this account a very successful 10-year-run at the helm of Cubist Systematic Strategies, Point72 Asset Management’s quantitative arm. Of course, one man’s desire for rest and relaxation and not getting yelled at all the time is not the same thing as Steve Cohen abandoning the nerd game in which he’s invested so much time and energy in recent years. Far from it! For Cohen is not only dedicated to keeping Cubist going—and why wouldn’t he be, given how successful it apparently is—but in building upon it, in a Robocop kind of way.

In an email to employees, Mr. Cohen said he was still committed to his quant-trading operation, as well as the idea of combining quant and traditional investing, something he calls “person + machine.”

“I expect us to continue to expand the use of systematic strategies across the firm,” he wrote.

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