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Fearsome and terrifying as Paul Singer is, it takes more than one man—more, even, than one frighteningly single-minded man—to make “Elliott Associates” the last thing any corporate executive wants to see on a return address label. And Singer is frightfully good at imparting his dark arts, like compiling dossiers on adversaries’ children and then casually flipping through them during meetings, to his protégés. And for two decades, Franck Tuil has learned at the feet of the master, absorbed these lessons, perfected these methods on the likes of Pernod Ricard and A.C. Milan. Sure, he’s gotten into a couple of scrapes along the way, but now he’s ready to rip some European executives a new one in his own voice.

He plans to pursue other opportunities after leaving Elliott, where he has worked since 2001, according to multiple people with knowledge of his departure….

Among peers, Mr Tuil is known for being extremely bright but also for an intense focus on his portfolios trades, which at times could make him appear socially awkward. Portfolio managers at Elliott would be able to demonstrate strong individual track records, meaning “any of them could set up on their own”, said one investor….

One investor who knows the fund well described Mr Tuil as “smart and very professional” but said it would have little impact on Elliott because it had such a “deep bench” of talent.

Woe betide any who dare consider crossing it.

Feared Elliott activist exits hedge fund after two decades [FT]


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