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Normally, appointment to even a nominal advisory position to the leader of the free world is quite an honor. Even under this least honorable of president, and even if you have to quit in relatively short order because the president expressed admiration for some Nazis or committed to destroying the planet. And so, our congratulations go out to Brian Moynihan, Jamie Dimon, David Solomon, Mike Corbat, Charlie Scharf [wow, this seems like a lot of people already, and these are just the bank CEOs], Jim Gorman, Steve Schwarzman, John Paulson, Ken Griffin, Paul Singer (and his drinking buddy), Abigail Johnson [seriously, how big is this thing?], Sheldon Adelson, Elon Musk, Mary Barra, Tom Ricketts, Thomas Keller, Jimmy John [would love to hear those two interact but seriously], Steve Ross, Ken Langone, Jeff Bezos [I mean, OK, but really?], Tim Cook, Larry Ellison, Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg, Dara Khosrowshani, Steve Forbes [keeps scrolling], Adam Silver, Rob Manfred, Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, Dana White, Vince McMahon [uh], Bob Kraft [uhhhhhhhhh], Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban, Vicki Hollub [does the excluded Carl Icahn know about this?] and about 150 other people to the Great American whatever.

OK, so maybe it’s not such a great honor. What, no room for Martin Shkreli?

President Donald J. Trump Announces Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups [White House]



David Solomon Delivers Economic Reopening Advice President Wouldn’t Hear Even If He Had Been On The Call

“Rebuilding confidence in safety and security” is sort of the opposite of the president’s modus operandi.

Jay Powell

Seth Klarman Thinks Investors Are Childish Enough Without The Fed’s Milk And Cookies And Cooing

They’ll probably just shrug off the impending economic cliff the president and Congress seem intent on driving off.

Larry Kudlow Returns

Trump Administration Only Lied To The Public About Coronavirus Dangers

The wealthy and powerful could be and were trusted with the truth.


Bonus Watch ’20: Your Year-End Windfall Is Looking Sickly

Coronavirus has a 10-month incubation period in bonus checks.


COVID Skeptics Leon Cooperman, Donald Trump Reduced To Penury By Pandemic

With a mere $2.5 billion each, they are both among the 332.8 million poorest Americans.

(Getty Images)

If The Economy Is Not Made Great This Election Year, It’s Definitely Not The President’s Doing

You’ll have Boeing or a microbe or the specter of Bernie Sanders to blame, so Steve Mnuchin would appreciate it if you vote accordingly.


First Hedge Fund Dies Of Coronavirus

If you’ve been in contact with Solus Alternative Asset Management’s flagship, please lock your door right away and swallow the key.