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There are all sorts of reasons to want to live in Lyford Cay. It’s one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world. You’ve got beaches with crystal clear waters and Bahamian weather. You might get to see and even hang out with Sean Connery. Oh, and you’ll have a front-row seat to one of the greatest rich-guy fights in world history, that between hedge fund tycoon Louis Bacon and Canadian discount fashion mogul and accused sex criminal Peter Nygard. That alone is worth the $45 million.

Known as Serendip Cove, the roughly 3.5-acre property is located within Lyford Cay, a gated community on the western tip of New Providence Island. The property includes a six-bedroom, traditional Bahamian-style main house plus three small guesthouses.

The estate is located directly on the beach with 650 feet of frontage on the water and includes a rare private dock, said listing agent Philip Hillier of H.G. Christie, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. An oceanfront swimming pool has a landscaped island, Jacuzzi and grotto.

If the private dock, grotto and amusing squabble down E.P. Taylor Drive aren’t enough, the estate—formerly the vacation home of investor Henryk de Kwiatowski—has its own whiff of intriguing scandal, appropriately of the financial kind.

Mr. de Kwiatkowski made headlines in the 1990s for suing the brokerage firm Bear Stearns for allegedly failing to inform him of the risks after he racked up massive single-day losses by trading currency futures. A federal jury initially awarded him $164.5 million, one of the largest damage awards ever in a dispute between a securities firm and an investor at the time, but that verdict was later overturned….

If you’re not interested enough in the Baker-Nygard tiff to buy a beach house close to it, one: You’re not even human. But two, we guess you could just wait for Nygard’s place to hit the auction block: It’s bigger and also Mayan-themed. One thing, though: If you do buy Serendip or Nygard Cay, best to keep the noise down and the dredging to a minimum.

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