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If it was not already clear enough that the Ackmanaissance has officially gone to its namesake’s head, what the unprompted spitballing on Warren Buffett’s doings and his pitching the president on coronavirus plans and, oh yea, the 10,000% return, allow this approach to a mentally and emotionally unstable fellow billionaire on the lookout for some new office space to erase any doubt.

Oh yes, Billy the condo-flipper/timeshare pusher is feeling himself again. Just don’t give Elon a tract house in his chosen master-planned community as a belated baby shower gift.


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Bill Ackman’s Got Some Angry Sheet Metal Workers To Deal With

It’s just a lawsuit for now, but there are always the riveters and metal presses if that doesn’t work.


Falcon Heavy And Herbalife: A Bill Ackman-Carl Icahn Story

Carl and Bill take their fraught bromance where it belongs: to the moon.


Bill Ackman Bought 152 Million ADP Shares Too Few

He really thought he was gonna win this time.

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Bill Ackman Having None Of This Cockamamie SPAC Lawsuit

Do you see any stocks in Pershing Square Tontine’s portfolio? He didn’t think so.


Bill Ackman Sold The Wrong Restaurant Shares

The Pershing Square founder has that familiar sick-to-his-stomach feeling.


Tax Breaks Are Nice, But Bill Ackman Would Just As Soon Directly Profit From Public Education

Could those kids in the Bronx use that 10% he’s making on them a year? Sure, but so could Bill Ackman.