Adam Neumann knows a thing or two about brazenness. From calling massive, massive losses “investments,” to coming up with three different kinds of earnings adjustments to explain those away, to believing that such a company should go public, at less than half its valuation at its last private fundraise and after he personally cashed out three-quarters of a billion dollars, to attempting to redefine the mission of a soon-to-be-public company as “elevating the world’s consciousness” and making grand statements about morality while swimming in Saudi money, to complaining that maternity leave was a “vacation” while shooting tequila and smoking up on the job, the man has an inexhaustible supply of chutzpah.

But Neumann is not always a fan of the brazen, especially if that brazenness involves his equally brazen former patron depriving him of $1 billion.

WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann filed a lawsuit against Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp and its Vision Fund on Monday for terminating a $3 billion tender offer to the office-sharing startup’s shareholders…. “The abuses committed by (SoftBank) and SBVF (SoftBank Vision Fund) are so brazen that they have prompted legal action by a special committee of WeWork’s board,” the lawsuit filed in a Delaware Court said.

WeWork co-founder Neumann sues SoftBank over failed tender offer [Reuters]