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It may be hard to remember this now, but once upon a time people went to work in offices, riding commuter railroads and the subway into Manhattan, walking on crowded streets without face masks and riding in packed elevators up to their workstations, even though the last few months have proven this was completely unnecessary. And it may also be hard to remember that some of these offices were home to hedge funds, and that some of these hedge funds had a reputation for being a bit of a boys' club.

If any of the above is hard to remember, allow Courtney Robb to remind you.

One of the traders at the company told Robb that other employees suggested changing her status from “marry” to “kill,” the suit states. And a portfolio manager who reported to the big boss, Tracy Maitland, “allegedly told other men at Advent that Ms. Robb was such an uptight bitch that she already was at ‘wife’ status,” according to the suit.

Robb complained about the degrading language, including the rampant use of “bitch” and “c-t” in the trading floor, to the chief executive officer, because there was no human resources department, the suit said….

Robb contends that Maitland dismissed the trading floor language as “locker-room talk,” and responded to her call for more female leadership at Advent by asking her, “What do you want me to do? Hire more women? They just end up leaving to take care of kids!”

Where have we heard that before? Not from Maitland’s preferred candidate, although if the above allegations are true it seems unlikely he’s having second thoughts about Joe Biden. Although his underlings may be of a somewhat different political persuasion.

“On her best day, Chelsea Clinton is a three,” proclaimed the same portfolio manager who called her an uptight bitch, the suit said.

Tired of the “rampant misogynist rhetoric,” Robb and two other women began regularly wearing headphones until they were told that founder Maitland had ordered them to stop, even though male employees could continue to wear headphones at work, the suit claims.

Luckily, none of the above can be true, according to advent, because Maitland is black.

“Advent Capital Management, LLC is a minority-owned firm which takes seriously its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace,” the firm’s spokesperson said in the statement….

Well, thank goodness, as that would seem to rule out any gender-based headphone rules, for whatever reason.

Horndog hedge funders accused of ranking female workers, Chelsea Clinton [Thornton/N.Y. Post]



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