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Keenan Hauke is currently in a halfway house or home confinement, and, having served the bulk of his 10-plus years in prison, is slated for release in November. Now, you might think Hauke has spent the past decade enjoying the hospitality of the Federal Bureau of Prisons for defrauding nearly 70 people of more than $7 million over a seven-year long Ponzi scheme, and/or for lying to investors in his Samex Capital hedge fund about how he was investing their money (in apparently not-terribly-lucrative Michigan real estate, as it turns out), and/or for losing all of their money thereby, and/or for the bogus account statements he sent along with the checks containing other people’s money.

Keenan Hauke, who pleaded guilty to the above, has a different opinion. He thinks it’s because his lawyer was banging his (soon-to-be-ex-) wife, and had him enter said plea to get him out of the way.

Mackey began representing Hauke in April 2011 and shortly thereafter began regularly interacting with Hauke's wife, Sarah, via email. Early that June, the complaint says, she was asking for legal advice regarding a divorce. She then filed for divorce on June 14, 2011.

In July 2011, Mackey bought gifts for her, including paying for a trip for her and her children to a resort in Michigan. She ended her email thanking him for the generosity with: "I love you!" Mackey said the same in his response to her.

In August 2011, Mackey arranged to take her on a trip to Siesta Key, Florida, according to the complaint, only days before he withdrew from representation of Hauke.

The question of whether Mackey, a decorated former federal prosecutor and renowned Indianapolis attorney, allowed his advice to Hauke to be clouded by his lust for Hauke’s wife, is still pending before the Indiana Supreme Court’s disciplinary commission. It is not, however, going to get Hauke out of wherever he is early, due to strict time limits for filing “cuckolded by counsel” motions.

Keenan R. Hauke argued that the relationship constituted ineffective assistance of counsel. But he waited too long to file his motion for relief, the U.S. district Court for the Southern District of Indiana said Wednesday.

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